Stepping Back in Time

Ok, so here’s the deal. I didn’t grow up with any real religion.  In fact, I’m not sure I even stepped into a church until I was at least 16.  Maybe for my Baptism, but not again for years and years.

So, it always feels weird, even if I’ve found some religion a bit later in life, to talk about saints.  I didn’t really learn to pray to saints the way that some do, but as you might expect, stepping back in time…..there’s a patron saint of wine.

I wrote about the Patron Saint of Wine on our company blog, in large part because it’s interesting. Plus, there’s actually more than one…..many more in fact.

Thinking back a few hundred years ago, I get it.  Water was unsafe.  So you drank other stuff.  Sometimes beer.  Often wine in some parts of the world.  If the only way to drink anything that kept you and your family safe, depended on a good harvest….I get why there’s a patron saint of wine, don’t you?

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