Facebook……I Don’t Get It For Business

Ok, before I go on any further, I’m working on rehabbing my Uncorked Ventures Facebook Page.

As you might have heard (heavy sarcasm intended) Facebook is kind of a big thing, with like a billion daily users.  Personally, I gave up on the platform some time, largely because it seemed so fake and contrived.  Really, I don’t mind pictures of everyone’s kids….but there was an awful lot of clear bullshit about what people were doing and how well they were doing it.

I didn’t find that it was healthy for me, nor did I find that I was getting anything out it.  I wasn’t learning anything new, I wasn’t being exposed to new ways of thinking, etc etc.

I wanted to step outside my own social circle a bit and learn something new.  So Facebook went out of my regular rotation.  We’ll see if I’m able to do something with the business page….there’s obviously a lot written about Facebook for business.  But, I’ll generally try and then see where I end up at from there.

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