Wine for Christmas

This starts to come up, normally around now….people want to know what wine to buy for Christmas dinner.

While wine and Thanksgiving is a bit easier to talk about, namely because everyone pretty much eats the same stuff here in America, Christmas is a bit of a bigger challenge.

From the amount of wine that you need (here) to the types of wines that you should probably serve, there’s a ton of good information out there for all of us.

Really, there should be only one tried and true rule for when you want to serve wine at Christmas dinner.

Serve what you want.  Serve what you normally drink.  What’s the good in having a perfect pairing of Carmenere and your roast beef if everyone simply loves Pinot Noir?

Let’s not make this overly complicated, there’s enough of that already in the wine trade.

A Real Review

Ok, so anyone that has literally sold anything online before can tell you, most of the reviews out there are complete and utter bs.

They’re paid for in one way or another and quite honestly, that sucks on a few levels because you can’t tell them when you actually see a real one.

Enter Grape Experiences Uncorked Ventures Review, which hits all the marks for a real review.  First and foremost, Cindy actually received wine from us. Secondly, we didn’t pay her to write about us, we just hoped that she would want to tell our story after hearing it.

In an era with an ever increasing amount of fake online reviews, it’s always nice to be able to have a real one.

A Couple of Fun Notes

So there’s an entire SEO method called guest blogging.  There’s a few things that happen when you guest blog, namely that you get to write on other people’s sites and then they link back to you.  Google loves the links, but hates the method.

Anyway, I write some of these.  Sure, I’d like more people on my site.  But given the amount of time I actually spend writing about wine, it’s fun to write about some other stuff as well.

This week I wrote a bit on a travel blog at the URL of which is an interesting URL right?

When we first opened, we were left to basically choose our URL from a wide list of .com choices.  Now, the great .com choices seem to be gone, so there’s a wider mix of choices for URL extensions.

Anyway, that’s a topic for another day.  But, my article talks about the spots to buy wine in Berkeley California. Given Berkeley may actually be the nations most competitive wine market (read to see why) there are a lot of good choices.

Apothic Red-The State of Sweet Wine

So about a week ago, or so, I had a bottle of Apothic Red Wine (their website here).  I wrote an Apothic Red Review on our official blog-which I think is somewhat interesting.

First, sweet wine is an interesting thing.  How do you all feel about it?  Should we have something on the bottle, required on the bottle that tells us that a wine is sweet?  Can we at least have these huge wineries stop using terms like, off dry? Isn’t that confusing?

Lastly, is this really the future of wine in America?  Are we really stuck with these “brands” that are nameless and faceless? Can’t we see where the grapes come from?  Can’t we see where these wines are coming from and who is actually making them?


Some Extra Spots to Share

I wanted a spot to share some more of what we’re working on at Uncorked Ventures.  But, I didn’t think it was all appropriate for my main site.

You might be wondering why.  Right?

Mainly, I’m moving to longer form content on the main website… seems like Google really, really wants longer form content.

So I’ll provide that and hope for sales.  Wine of the month club sales would be awesome.  Maybe a few gift baskets too.  At least occasionally.  Well, you get the point right?

But then, where do share short anecdotes about the wine industry and what I’m working on?

That’s what this space is going to be for.

“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.”
― Ernest Hemingway