The World Sideways Gave Us

I got to thinking, after writing this Meomi Pinot Noir review, that this is really the world that Sideways gave us.

The wine industry has talked a lot both internally and externally about how things changed so much with Sideways.  Sure, it helped move Bordeaux varietals even more toward Cabernet rather than Merlot in the new world, but it also helped to move a hell of a lot of people onto Pinot Noir.

In a number of ways that was a really good thing. After all, we, as an industry, were seeing an awfully big casym between red wine drinkers and white wine drinkers.  Which wasn’t good for anyone.

In many ways, Pinot Noir is the perfect cross over grape.  White wine drinkers can enjoy it in a way they won’t Cabernet, at least, not at first. Likewise, red wine drinkers can use the grape to become more accustomed, to a more nuanced style of wine that is reminiscent of white wines.

So sure, this is the world that Sideways gave us.  But, that’s not a bad thing.  Plus, that Meomi is a surprisingly good wine for the price.

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