Road Trips…..a Family Staple

Ok, so I got quoted in an online article about keeping the kids entertained on long road trips.

The article is here if you want to read it:

Anyway, I was pretty amazed at how many people just use some form of tech to get the kids to be quiet for a while.  We run into this as a family every so often when we’re out at restaurants of course, we’re pretty close to screen free….so it seems strange to people that our kids are sometimes loud.  Sometimes misbehaved.  Sometimes present.

Anyway, having taken multiple 10+ hour road trips over the past few years, I can say how really shocking that whole thing was.  Would it be easier when we’re driving 5 hours in a day to just have them watch a movie in the car?  Heck yes!  Would they miss the entire and everything on the side of the road while watching?  Probably also yes, which kind of defeats the purpose to us.

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