A Couple of Fun Notes

So there’s an entire SEO method called guest blogging.  There’s a few things that happen when you guest blog, namely that you get to write on other people’s sites and then they link back to you.  Google loves the links, but hates the method.

Anyway, I write some of these.  Sure, I’d like more people on my site.  But given the amount of time I actually spend writing about wine, it’s fun to write about some other stuff as well.

This week I wrote a bit on a travel blog at the URL of wheretostay.tips which is an interesting URL right?

When we first opened, we were left to basically choose our URL from a wide list of .com choices.  Now, the great .com choices seem to be gone, so there’s a wider mix of choices for URL extensions.

Anyway, that’s a topic for another day.  But, my article talks about the spots to buy wine in Berkeley California. Given Berkeley may actually be the nations most competitive wine market (read to see why) there are a lot of good choices.

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